Captain Vasilyev

Captain Vasilyev grew up in a naval family.
His grandfather was building ships for the Russian Empire Navy.
His father was an officer in the USSR Navy.
Defending the Motherland is his family tradition.
Captain Vasilyev served in the Navy for 39 years, his father – for 30 years.
After almost ten years of active duty on the naval ships of the Black Sea Fleet, he graduated the Naval Academy with honors and was awarded BEng (Hons) Degree in Naval Mechanical Engineering.
The experience of service on ships and the knowledge gained during the studies helped him to take an active part in the creation of the nuclear shield of his Motherland.
In particular, he was awarded the State Prize of the USSR for the creation of Project 949 heavy nuclear submarine cruisers, including the tragically lost Kursk submarine.
Captain Vasilyev was awared with various Military Awards and Decorations.